How to Sterilize Plastic Squeeze Bottles?

How to Sterilize Plastic Squeeze Bottles?


Plastic squeeze bottles are often used as kitchen containers, so for our food safety, we need to sterilize plastic squeeze bottles. This article will specifically introduce the disinfection method of plastic squeeze bottles.

How to Sterilize Plastic Squeeze Bottles?
Plastic squeeze bottles are a common kitchen tool in restaurants and bars. They are great for storing sauces and creating clean cocktails but they can easily carry germs. When cleaning plastic squeeze bottles, it’s important to know the type of plastic it is made of. Most plastics are sensitive to heat and strong cleaning agents, making it important to examine the cleaning products being used and the plastic’s heat sensitivity. The following is the specific disinfection method of plastic extrusion bottles. 
Washing plastic with anti-bacterial dish soap and water

Washing plastic with anti-bacterial dish soap and water will kill surface bacteria instantly but may not sanitize the plastic bottle completely. To ensure a deeper clean, soak plastic squeeze bottles, in bleach water. The cleaning solution should be made of between 5 to 10 percent bleach. Bleach does not take a long time to disinfect, so this is a quick and simple process. After the plastic bottles have sat in the bleach solution rinse them with distilled water. It’s important to note that most plastics have non-wetting surfaces that resist attack and clean easily. Do not use strong alkaline cleaning agents or scouring pads on any plastic, this will dramatically decrease the life of your squeeze bottle.   

Heating plastic 

Another great sterilization method is heating plastic. Before proceeding with this method it’s very important to know the type of plastic your squeeze bottle is made of. Squeeze bottles like can be used in the microwave and dishwasher because it’s made out of polypropylene. If your plastic bottles are heat resistant, wet your plastic containers, the interaction between the microwave’s / dishwasher’s heat is what sterilizes your kitchen equipment. Microwave your empty squeeze bottle at a high temperature for two minutes.   

Ultraviolet sterilization

Ultraviolet sterilization is a non-heated, safe method often used in laboratories, water treatment, food processing, and restaurants. Purchasing a UV lamp for cleaning squeeze plastic bottles may sound like a bizarre purchase but they come in a commercial size. UV lamps are one of the safest sanitation techniques because it does not contain harmful chemicals or high heat.

When we use plastic squeeze bottles, we touch them directly with our hands, the plastic squeeze bottles may carry bacteria. So it is necessary to sterilize the plastic squeeze bottles. If you are still confused about the disinfection of plastic squeeze bottles after reading the above methods, you can contact us for more information and solutions, and we also produce safe and high-quality plastic squeeze bottles.

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