Why Are Biodegradable Plastic Squeeze Bottles So Popular?

Why Are Biodegradable Plastic Squeeze Bottles So Popular?


The emergence of biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles gradually replaced traditional plastic squeeze bottles. Today, let’s talk about the benefits of using biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles.

Why Are Biodegradable Plastic Squeeze Bottles So Popular?
 the benefits of using biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles

With people's promotion of green life, many people are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection of packaging and containers. The development and upgrading of biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles is a trend of environmentally friendly life in the future. The followings are the benefits of using biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles.

1. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Today, we produce more plastic waste in human history than ever before. This rubbish is entering our oceans and even polluting our drinking water. Scientists estimate that by 2050, there may be more waste plastics in the ocean than fish, and by that time the microplastics in tap water will be as high as 80%. Researchers at the University of Bath have created a plastic that uses only sugar and carbon dioxide so that the production of polycarbonate eliminates the need for petrochemicals and the carbon dioxide emissions required for refining. Plastics like this will decompose naturally, and only the gas produced by these biodegradable plastics will be discharged back to the original environment.

2. Can reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions

When using biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles instead of traditional plastic bottles, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere will be greatly reduced. If we recycle plastics every year, the net carbon savings alone would be as high as 30%, and some researchers believe that it can be as high as 80%. Switching to biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles will help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by the industry.

3. No other dangerous substances will be released after decomposition

If you throw many traditional plastic squeeze bottles into a landfill, when the product begins to decompose, it will release methane and other forms of pollutants. But the biodegradable plastic squeeze bottle will not produce toxic substances and harmful gases.

4. Less energy consumed during the manufacturing cycle

Although the cost of biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles in the production cycle is slightly higher, it actually consumes less energy. With this technology, we no longer need to find, acquire and transform hydrocarbons to make plastic objects. This means that we can burn fewer fossil fuels, consume fewer fossil fuels in the manufacturing process, and release fewer pollutants. Because of this energy-saving, the long-term cost of using biodegradable products may be lower than traditional plastics, especially if the cost of cleaning up plastic pollution is added to the calculation.

5. Can reduce the amount of waste generated

Plastics account for approximately 13% of the current waste stream. This figure is approximately 32 million tons of waste per year, of which only 9% is used for recycling programs, and the rest goes to landfills and other waste treatment projects. When the factory has the right composting equipment to manage the biodegradable plastic, we can decompose the product within 18-36 months.

6. Direct oil consumption to other needs

Traditional plastic bottles come from the heating and processing of oil molecules, and this process turns them into useful polymers for the industry. In the United States, approximately 3% of oil is consumed by the amount of plastic consumed each year.

Among biodegradable materials, corn-based plastics account for about 40%. When you compare polymers made from this crop with those made from crude oil, the energy required to make biodegradable products of similar quality is reduced by 65%. This means that we can use the petroleum used in industry for transportation energy or heating needs.

7. Can be quickly decomposed under certain circumstances

Biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles are usually decomposable, which means they will rot into natural materials and eventually mix harmlessly into the soil.

The biodegradable packaging manufactured by SANLE will not discolor the substrate, nor will it contaminate or change the chemical stability and function of the packaging. Our biodegradable packaging has been approved by the FDA and fully complies with food safety standards. If you want to learn more about biodegradable plastic squeeze bottles after reading the above, you can contact us for professional solutions.

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